First United Methodist Church of Conway, South Carolina
Saturday, October 21, 2017

Week 2

Jan 4:      Genesis 10-11 – The Descendents of Noah
As you read notice how the descendents of Noah repopulate the earth. Be aware that many of these nations will become the enemies of the Hebrews. Ponder how the desire stated in Genesis 11:4 to “make a name for ourselves” has within it the seeds of disobedience.
Jan 5:      Genesis 12-16 – Abram
Notice the challenges Abram faces in this reading:
    1. A beautiful wife
    2.  A troublesome nephew
    3. No children
Consider the ways this man of faith faces these challenges.
Jan 6:      Genesis 17-20 – Abraham
Notice the situations Abraham faces in this reading:
    1. The promise of children
    2.  A nephew in trouble
    3. A beautiful wife
Consider the ways this man of faith faces these situations.
Jan 7:      Genesis 21-24 – Isaac
As you read these stories about Isaac, consider the ways that Abraham has matured in his faith and come to trust God to uphold God’s covenant. 
Jan 8:      Genesis 25-28 – Esau and Jacob
Jacob seems to be an unusual choice to fulfill God’s promises in the covenant with Abraham, yet he is the choice and will become the father of the twelve tribes of Israel. What does this tell us about God?
Jan 9:      Genesis 29-32 – Jacob and Laban
When you consider the ways of Jacob and Laban, they deserve each other. Read and enjoy as you ponder the people God chooses and uses.
Jan 10:     Genesis 33-36 – Jacob Returns Home
The readings today tie up some loose ends and prepare us for the Joseph stories. Today, think back over our first ten days of readings and ask the three Disciple Bible Study questions – What have we learned about God? What have we learned about human beings? What have we learned about the relationship between God and humans?